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Mardi Gras Society of Milwaukee




Proclaiming Clown
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About Our Club
The Karnevals Gesellschaft Rheinischer Verein was established
in 1964 by Germans from the Rhineland. We also are known as the
Mardi Gras Society to gain a wider identity among everyone interested
 in the traditions of Karneval. We promote and participate in many
other events to preserve the heritage of our German culture.

Christa and Klaus
We love to celebrate the Karenval Season!
Come join us at our events
Our Focus ...
is to promote our traditions of Karneval into a bigger family event.
 Our fests, music, dance, food and song defines Gemulichkeit.

Weiberfastnacht Women
Clown and Hans

Our clown likes to celebrate with us!
Club Meetings
Please join us at our club meetings at the Schwabenhof,
 every third Sunday, each month @ 2pm. New members are welcome.
 Call secretary, Christine Osborne at (414) 810-4540 for further information.
Schwabenhof is located at N56 W14750 W. Silver Spring Road.

Mardi Gras Brewer Fans

We love to have beer with our events!

Karl and accordian

We love to hear our Karneval music!
Kids love to attend our Maskenball and our Kindermaskenball!
  Continetnal Showcase  
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